"Making people laugh, one Pretty Girl at a time. Because that's just the way we roll." - Marie Antoinette

Hello and Welcome to Pretty Girl Postcards! I'm Betsy, the graphic artist and creator of these little works of art, or, as I call them, my ‘Funny French Fashionistas’. In the past these postcards have garnered recognition as something fresh and different. They went away for a while (let's just say they were on a long vacation in the south of France), but now, due to overwhelming demand, they're back to stay! So visit us often (but only if you want to laugh!), and tell your friends about us! The more the merrier!

No Pretty Girl Postcard could ever be thought of as “just another pretty face!” The smart and sassy comments of these antique French Fashion Plates are pretty funny, too. One of my favorite Pretty Girl Postcards depicts the lovely Marie Antoinette, all prettied up for the ball, admiring herself in the mirror and saying to herself, “You're quite attractive for a crazy person!”

Here are a few feedbacks from some of our best customers:

* These postcards are WONDERFUL! I love them ALL!!!!

* Love, love all the pretty girls! Majorly addicted!

* Really beautiful postcard, better in person than the picture. Shipped quick!

I love playing around with graphics, especially the Pretty Girls, but I am also a writer. After my husband and I took our first tour of Sicily on our own, I wrote a funny travel memoir, Dreaming of Sicily, describing our visit to the island and the small village of Santa Elisabetta, the birthplace of my grandmother who raised me on her stories of life as a young girl growing up in Sicily. 

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