Yup, that's right... My brain has just picked up moved on and it didn't bother to tell me where it was going. So now I'm left with only half a brain (my husband was kind enough to give me half of his brain , as he wasn't using it anyway).

Last night I sent an email to all of my great customers, wishing them a "Happy Spring" with a 25% discount off our entire inventory. I made a pretty flyer and attached it to my Mailchimp campaign and was so happy when it went off without a hitch.

Until exactly 3:00 A.M. when I sat bolt upright in bed, remembering that I forgot to "link the email back to my site," thus making it easy for my email recipiant to go to my Etsy shop and peruse and buy, should they wish.

I debated on sending a duplicate email, this one LINKED to my shop and also with a new flyer about my blog.  I did and hope I'll be forgiven for crowding up everyone's email.